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Location: Tavush region
From Yerevan: 94km/2h.

Dilijan resort is located in the North-East of the Republic of Armenia, in the Aghstev River valley, 1100-1510 m above sea level. The city is surrounded by mountain range Lesser Caucasus. With its natural and climatic conditions Dilijan is a unique settlement. Wonderful nature has an additional positive influence on health of the patients and just tourists. In the Northern part of the city, 1400 m above sea level, Lake Parz is located. 

The resort got the status of a city in 1938. Name “Dilijan” is mentioned in comparatively recent sources, though the origin of the word is not completely clear yet. According to national etymology, “Dili jan” means “sweet tongue”. According to the other version, the origin of the word is connected with a man named Dili, who was tormented by wolfs in the forest; his relatives called “Dili jan” (“jan” is translated from Armenian as “dear” (descript. transl.)) for a long time while searching him. 

There are two 2 dozens of mineral sources, which are rich in iron-hydro-chloride-sodium-calcium compounds. Two of them are now bottled. Mineral waters “Dilijan” and “Dilijan Frolova” with the curing properties are identical to the French “Vishy” and Georgian “Borjhomi” mineral waters. The Aghstev River and its tributaries transfer a unique charm to the city panorama. Usually Dilijan is compared with the Swedish Davos resort and Georgina Abastuman.  The first sanatorium in Armenia was founded in 1921 in Dilijan.
Today the resort has about 3 dozens of sanatoriums and rest houses; Dilijan National Park is also located here.

“If there are forests, mountains and mineral waters in paradise, then it should be like Dilijan.”
Yu. Kirilova. 

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