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Location: Kotayk region
From Yerevan: 20km/24min.

Arzni is a recreational village in Armenia, Kotayk region. It is located on the left bank of the Hrazdan River, 1250 m above sea level, 23 km North of Yerevan. The climate of Arzni is continental, mild (average temperature in January -5°C); it is cool in summer (average temperature in July +22°C), autumn is warm and long. 

The village was founded by Assyrians, having moved to the Eastern Armenia from Persia in the 19th century. The population is 2,529 people. The location is very famous with its mineral waters. The main therapeutic factors of Arzni are the bicarbonate-chloride-hydrocarbonate-sodium water, and the climate of the mountainous areas with low barometric pressure. Mineral water Arzni, which contains large amounts of carbon dioxide (1.25-2.0 g/l) and minerals (8-10 g/l), are a major factor of effective treatment

In the past the village was called Artsni, Sajala, and Arzni-Asoriq as well because of the huge number of Assyrians. The zone, though, was completely Armenian. This is evidenced by the ruins of constructions and fortresses, found in the territory, as well as 2 preserved chapels built of treated stone and cemetery rich in stone crosses; all this was found outside the fortress, in the Northern part.
The most ancient mention about the name Arzni, extant up today is of the 15th century. The etymology of the word is connected to the legend about Shamiram and Ara the Beautiful (According to the legend, Assyrian queen Shamiram wanted to marry Ara by force. Having got rejection, she killed him and then was praying and asking to make him alive.) The most spread interpretation is the following: «return «znnir» Ara to life». There is a preserved church of the 6th century in village; Assyrians made their own church with the stones of the old one. Materials of early Stone Age and Neolith were found in the territory. 

There are caves in Hrazdan gorge; they served as living places and had defensive function. Now the location is popular as recreation zone, where 5 sanatoriums operate. Today’s sanatoriums are built in the gorge of the Hrazdan River, on both banks. Prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, rheumatic and cardiac ischemia are realized in these establishments. Arzni HPS is located near the village. 

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