Azokh Cave

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Location: Hadrut region, Artsakh
From Yerevan: 369km / 3h 50min
Azokh Cave (in the past called Vorvan, Vorvan Cave) is located in Hardut region, near South border of Artsakh. The territory of this limestone cave is 8000 square kilometers, where 8 intricate entrances of 600 m length are situated. 
Very often during Mongol-Tatar invasions wealth of Artsakh was saved right here. Stone tools, dating back more than 700 000 years were found here. Surface of the biggest hall is 3000 square kilometers. Pottery, processed stone pieces, thousands of animal bones were found in the cave as well. It turned out, that primitive people consumed quite diverse food. Scientists found bones of long-extinct animals in remnants of the food.
In 2002 researchers found several more untouched entrances, as well as different findings of pre-human period, including tools, animal fossils and marks of the tools on them. Due to the analysis of the findings, the researchers concluded that humans lived in South Caucasus region about two million years ago. 
Up today, of course, not all the secrets of the Azokh Cave have been revealed. This prehistoric settlement, used for many thousands of years, is regularly researched and has lots of surprises for scientists. 

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