Mozrov cave

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Location: Vayots Dzor region
From Yerevan: 127km / 1h 42min


A proved fact: a lot of historical and tourism destinations are unknown among the Armenian people, and it will still take a long time to discover them. Generally, the concept of cave is associated with a whole “world”, and many of Armenian caves, created by a human being, can completely be compared with the most wonderful ones throughout the world – Old Khndzoresk, Old Goris, Geghardadzor.

Mozrov Cave is one of Armenia’s little known natural wonders. Located in Vayots Dzor province near the town of Yeghegnadzor, the cave was discovered 30 years ago during the construction of the road that leads to Mozrov village. It is a deep cave rich in diverse geological formations. By that time the cave was considered a “blind one” – these are the caves which do not have an exit to the surface. The constructors had exploded the mass of the cliff which caused the origin of the cave. The cave is the third one in Armenia with 260m length, Archeri cave is on the first place with 3,5 km length, and Mageli cave – on second place (1,7 length). 


The National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia proposes to develop “Mozrov as Armenia’s first show cave”. This will be a new kind of tourism product in Armenia, appealing to nature lovers, adventure seekers, general visitors and locals.


Mozrov Cave has a great potential in tourism sphere, as it is an ideal candidate for development as the first “Show Cave” in Armenian due to its natural beauty and the diversity of its geological formations.


Show caves are caves that are made accessible to the gene-ral public. Generally, the following conditions must be in place in order for a cave to be classified as a show cave: trails, lighting, guided tours, entrance fee, closure, regular open hours. Mozrov Cave is rich in beautiful and diverse natural formations. It contains a large variety of speleothems or decoration (limestone cave formations) such as stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, columns, flowstone, cave bacon, draperies, and rimstone dams.


The cave even has a unique “crocodile” formation, which visitors will enjoy. These types of formations are what most visitors wish and expect to see when touring a cave. There are areas in Mozrov Cave where such formations are dramatic and plentiful. Because of the easy accessibility of Mozrov cave it has overgone some damages by vandals and those not respectful of this natural resource, and commercialization will ultimately lead to preservation of the cave, and can be a tool for educating visitors as to the need for ongoing preservation and conservation of caves, in general. Recently, with the discovery of the world’s oldest shoe in Trchuneri Cave, Armenian caves have been receiving significant international media attention, and accordingly, Mozrov cave is going to pose the opportunity to be the first among a series of cave-related tourism products, setting Armenia in a position to be recognized as a caving destination.


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