Sommelier Wine Gallery

34 Tumanyan str., Yerevan

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"Sommelier wine gallery" is a new wine gallery situated on the crossroad of Tumanyan and Teryan streets. From outside it is quite a simple place with several modest tables. As you enter the small café turns into an an exquisite wine shop. Here you are met and taken downstairs where the main aim of Sommelier wine gallery is hidden. It is a selection of the best wines imported to Armenia from the most popular winemakers of the world. You will not miss the rich variety of the selected wines collection from Chili, France and Italy.

In "Sommelier wine gallery" the best Armenian wines are represented. In "Sommelier wine gallery" shop the prices don't differ from the ones in other shops. All the wines are sold except for “Karas Reserve”. You can taste it right on the spot. If you leave the wine in your glass, then at your wish the shop personnel will write the date and your name on the label. And after you sign on the bottle, they will close it with an air-free cork. But the wine will be available for you only within the other ten days. If you prefer to take the bottle with you then you just need to warn the waiter about it. 

"Sommelier wine gallery" is one of the special shops, where you can enjoy real wine. The main emphasis is done on the art of wine serving. The true wine culture served by a sommelier is a whole performance full of degustation and decantation. Do not miss such show as it will really give you true satisfaction.

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