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In 2003 a group of like-minded persons initiated opening a café, which would differ from other Yerevanian cafés and would become a specific place, where old and new would be presented in a harmonic alliance. "A non-traditional approach to the traditional" – this was the founder’s slogan, which was to be the bases of the brand concept and visualization.

Three aspects were accentuated during the brand strategy elaboration – the name, the place, the interior. The word cezve of Arabic origin became the starting point for the café’s naming. On the other hand Jazz, which one could often hear in cafés also laid in the bases of the naming. "Jazzve" was generated as a result. The slogan of the company automatically dictated the place for the café – a symbolic environment in the center of Yerevan.

The first “Jazzve” café opened nearby “Nairi” cinema theatre, thus, hinting its claims to the style of 60-70’s Yerevan. The interior solutions confirm non traditional approaches to the traditional: old news-papers, photos, books and everyday accesoires that refer to Soviet times, take the client to the 70’s soviet apartment. The name of the café finds its semantic support in the cezves and cofee beans used in the interior design. Stylistic integrity and permanent dialog with the client from ensuring his/her leisure (books and constantly updated jokes in newspaper-menu) to the “will approach to you soon” on the back of waiters’ uniform.

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