Karloff Czech Brewery-Restaurant

Երևան, Մոսկովյան փող., 31/174

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"Karloff" is a cozy Czech Restaurant in the center of Yerevan where the true spirit of Prague dominates. Having entered "Karloff" you immediately see the copper barrels, the holy of holies of the restaurant – the brewery, most precisely said a part of the complicated construction. One of the main advantages of the restaurant is beer, because it is locally brewed. The brewer, preparing this drink is also unique. “Karloff” has invited him from the Czech Republic. The brewer truly appreciates and understands this drink; he has studied the whole history of brewing.

The local beer is made on the basis of raw materials imported from the Czech Republic. Besides, Classic beer has taken the second honorary place for its taste and high quality in the annual beer festival organized in the Czech Republic among 620 sorts of beer. You can see the certificate at the entrance of the restaurant.

Author : Masha, 10 January 2014, 13:15
I do not advise
After the new year came from Prague, tried 6-7 types of beer and even went to a restaurant where there is a brewer own, a week later learned that there is such a restaurant, such as their own Czech brewer, although nothing on the Internet about "Karloff" was found except that In Yerevan. We went with a friend today, there were no places, we were offered to sit at the counter, and as soon as the place was vacated we would be transferred there. We drank a mug of beer, but in general, to be honest, it did not look like the Czech one, and there's a lot of gas like mineral water and not beer, I tell the bartender why it's like that, and he answers, like this is natural gas, it's good from it that way. It turns out in the Czech Republic I could not drink such a good beer as in Armenia? Well voobshchem has told or said good .. Have come have told or said that the place was released or exempted, and can will move to a normal place, began to go, sat down we sit minutes 3 and suddenly the waitress comes and asks and belittles to forgive her, that she is not guilty, and we should sit down again about the counter, And says that the boss phoned and scolded her, he was the type of cool and his friends sent to the restaurant, that's Armenian service .. If this table would have been booked, yes, but he was busy and we were waiting for him. In general, for 1000 drams half a liter of Czech beer is unlikely to be given to you, in the Czech Republic it is at least 2.6 euros worth, for lohov work in Armenia. I did not try food well, I think it will be a slop, like maintenance ..

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