Ayas Cilicia

78 Hanrapetutyan, Yerevan

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Ayas was the main port of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, the center of trade between the West and the East. Here's why these opposites – the West and the East, the history and the present - harmoniously intertwine in this restaurant. Cozy historical atmosphere gently allows visitors to imagine how the legendary Cilicia existing over seven centuries ago was. The menu also corresponds to the restaurant's spirit and idea, including dishes of ethnic Armenian cuisine. In the evenings visitors can also listen to the ancient Armenian music performed by distinguished artists of Armenia (tar, duduk).

The restaurant is located in the very heart of Yerevan city, at the intersection of Tumanyan and the former Alaverdyan streets. The restaurant's cuisine includes historical Armenian dishes prepared by our chief-cooks only from organic and fresh products grown in Armenia. Visitors are offered a wide choice of Armenian home-made wines and home-made vodka with variety of tastes - apricot, mulberry, corneal vodka, etc. The restaurant has two halls decorated in different styles.

In the main upper hall 60-70 seats, the walls are painted with ancient Cilicia historical themes - family tree of the dynasty of Armenian kings Rubenids, map of ancient kingdom Cilicia, and scenes of everyday and royal life of Cilician Armenians.  Kupe On the central wall in mosaic technique are performed figures of kings Ruben and Levon II, the coat of arms and flags of Cilicia as well. The interior is made of natural materials only - wood, glass, ceramics and metal. There are two "tent" kup`es, each of eight seats.

In the lower hall for 45-50 persons, you will find old Armenian household items, lovingly collected and displayed on the walls and shelves by the host. Here you can isolate yourself from the daily hustle and bustle, it is convenient to arrange private banquets and various events.

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