Caucasus Tavern

82 Hanrapetutyan St., Yerevan

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Caucasus people’s hospitality and entertainment, palatable dishes, delicious wines and glorified brandy are well known around the world.

The founders of the “Caucasus tavern  have always desired to evoke and to present properly our ancestors’ hospitabilty’s centuries-old traditions and customs.

For this purpose the staff have observed ethnographic-ancient literature, archive materials and photos, got acquainted with different caucasian people’s kitchen collections and tried to make the “Caucasus” tavern as much as possible similar to 19th century’s same establishments Erivan and Tiflis. To create consonant atmosphere and colouring only natural building materials have been used: stone, boulder, brick, clay, iron, wood, canvas, reed, straw. The lustres and icon-lamps, even the door shutters and handles are made by the hands of smith.

The secret of taste of unique appetizers and dishes of the “Caucasus” tavern is simple: they are cooked by traditional recipes of the caucasian kitchen. Armenian and Georgian master cooks make them using only native fresh meat products, Armenian and Georgian high-quality food and spices.

“Armenian” and “Georgian” halls as well as cool “Maran” are to your order round the clock. 

Sayat Nova’s, Jivan’s, Sheram’s and other famous bards’ songs are heard with the accompaniment of duduk, kamancha , udi and dhol in Armenian Big hall from 8 p.m.

You can bye the souvenirs of the “Caucasus” tavern: saltcellars, jugs, plates and dishes.


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