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"Dolmama" was established in 1998. The task of Dolmama was to rejuvenate and give color to the menu and taste of that cuisine. It was hard and very easy at the same time. Since the local organic product to work with is very tasty and the Soviet Armenian cuisine had short history, it was easy to revitalize Armenian indigenous cuisine and be creative about it. In 1998 there were hard times in Armenia. It had just gotten itself out of the war and was in a grip of economic depression. So, it was a problem to physically open a restaurant. There were no chairs and no tables. To be creative the staff went around villages collecting “lavash” tables (Lavash is a paper thin bread. Its dough is rolled on such tables and the sheets are baked in ground pits called “tonir”). They restored the tables for the restaurant and found an iron worker to make chairs by the planned design. A lot has changed since then but they still have some of those tables and chairs in the restaurant.

Dolma, is the main meal of the menu and the name of the restaurant comes from it. Dolma is ground meat, beef, lamb or whatever you like, mixed with rice and herbs of your choice and wrapped in grape leaves. You may cook it in vegetable oil or butter, serve it cold or hot. The restaurant have done some changes in the way it is prepared. They replaced the ground meat with a slice of sirloin and made it tangier by adding rosemary and chili. 

Khashlama, another favorite meal among Armenians, verbally meaning stewed meat. It is meat cooked in water. In “Dolmama” they replaced water with concoction of sweet, vermouthy wine and cream fresh. They made it more spicy and voilà, it is a lamb stewed in Dolmama style..

Sweet food by an old recipe of Easter Pilaff includes rice with sweet raisins, dried fruit and nuts. The recipe prompted that we could mix fresh peaches with green beans or make Khorovats (BBQ) with mulberry sauce. Making the menu has turned into a creative process.

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